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Donald Circles the Drain

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Charles Deluvio, Unsplash

Sixteen days. Sixteen more sleeps. On that morning of January 20, 2021, as I flush the toilet, and take my shower, I will think of you, Donald Trump. Criminal Donald. Shit Stain Donald. Orange putrid gelatinous stinking Donald. Bulging Neck Crevice Donald. Donald the Dotard. The dictator wannabe who thankfully never got to be one. The gutless wonder. To quote niece Mary Trump, truly the "World's Most Dangerous Man."

I will be cleansing my body and my mind of you. And later that day, at twelve noon to be exact, America will do the same.

Down the drain you will ooze, like everything which is unwanted, malodorous and disgusting. Into the sewer pipes of ignominy you will go. Just like Hitler, Vlad the Impaler, and Saddam Hussein.

After four years of your pathological lying and malignant narcissism, of your mendacity and avarice and hatred and buffoonery, with the deaths of almost 400 thousand COVID patients splashed in blood upon you, you will be, to quote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, "fumigated out" of the White House.

This past weekend, all the world received another glimpse of your pathetic, griping mafioso soul. We spent an hour, unsurprised and disgusted, listening to your call to the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger. In this phone call (which was attempted 18 times according to the White House switchboard) you begged this fellow Republican to "find you more votes" so you could win in Georgia. Because in your 1950s addled, misogynistic and racist brain, you could not for the life of you realize that the Southern State of Georgia has evolved into a diverse and more educated place. And that a Yale-educated Black Woman, Stacey Abrams, had outsmarted your ass.

You were beginning to finally realize that you were a loser. You could not cajole or threaten or lie your way out of this frightening realization. And that without your devil's perch in the White House, you would be at some point naked and afraid of being sent to prison.



When I wrote the above, how could I have imagined the near bloodbath at our sacred Capitol, which occured 4 days later, last Wednesday, January 6th? I thought there would only be more pardons and lies from this man, more threats and more illegal shenanigans. Who didn't?

But this evil scum of the earth who is Donald Trump, this twisted leader of the Trump CULT (and that is what this is), summoned to DC his unkempt, hoodied, unruly mob and professionally kitted-out believers (including current and retired military members and officers of the law) from every corner of the US. They shared cars and battered pickup trucks loaded with weapons and bombs, waved Trump MAGA and confederate and Gadsden flags. They crowded on buses and airlines (where they terrorized, maskless, flight attendants and fellow passengers by screaming pro-trump epithets and chanting ,"USA! USA!"

"It will be wild," Trump promised his followers.

Late Wednesday morning, a riled-up and defiant Trump stood against the backdrop of the White House, flags snapping in the winter wind, in front of his idiotic wall. He demanded his minions protest the "theft" of the election, one that he had "won by a landslide," and they were not "patriots' if they did not FIGHT.

He then told them to go to the Capitol. He would be right there with them, he said.

The protestors morphed into terrorists at that moment, surging down Pennsylvania Avenue. Trump, ever the big talker but always the coward, ducked back into the White House to gleefully watch on television the coming horror as it was about to unfold.


Congress, Including the Vice President, was busy at the Capitol. They had gathered, as per their Constitutional mandate for January 6th, to count every State's electoral votes, 306 of which had gone to the winner, President-Elect Joe Biden. They were prepared to tackle the unprecedented objections of the handful of members of the House and Senate which were part of the Trump cult.

They knew what they had to do to certify the vote. It would take longer because of trumpist shenanigans by the likes of seditionists Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, but the task would be completed.

But, tragically, our members of Congress were unaware that, in what is usually one of the safest edifices in the United States, their lives were in imminent danger.

Trump's surging, unruly, raging mob was marching down the street, and no one at the Capitol had had the foresight to heed warnings days ahead that they might mass at the Capitol. And because Donald Trump had placed one of his lackeys in the main acting role at the Department of Defense, who was unreachable during the attack on the Capitol, it would be utter chaos.

The angry mob of thousands of the Trump cult, who firmly believed after marinating in years of lies from Donald Trump and Fox News, OANN and Newsmax, that the election had been "stolen from them," stormed up both the East and West entrances of the Capitol, overpowering Capitol Police. They climbed up on the newly-erected inauguration scaffolding, waving Trump flags. They smashed windows, demolished doors, while torturing Capitol police officers whom they dragged down steps, strangled in doorways, and fatally bashed in the head. All while taking gleeful videos with their mobile phones to post on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

They had built a real working gallows, intending to capture and hang Vice President Mike Pence, who did not follow Trump's "orders" to not certify the Presidential vote. They screamed they wanted to find and kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They urinated and defecated throughout the Capitol. They trashed offices, stole laptops, broke down doors, smashed mirrors, blatantly carried out furnishings. They entered the now-vacant Senate chamber with zip ties, and milled around the Senators' desks, looking at papers.

Thank God Senate female staffers had had the foresight to grab and carry the historic boxes of electoral votes out of the senate chamber as they were evacuated. Otherwise the frenzied mob would have destroyed the States' votes.

Members of Congress, along with their staffs, were literally minutes away from being captured and brutalized, perhaps killed. They were huddled in offices and the upstairs House Chamber gallery, fearing for their lives

Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, who had just lost his 25 year old son to suicide, was trapped with his surviving daughter and son in law.


As I watched in utter horror and disbelief this insurrection in America, only the second breach of the US Capitol in history (the first one during the War of 1812), I could not stop crying. I had worked on Capitol Hill. I had walked those magnificent marble Capitol hallways, gone into the House and Senate Chambers, had ridden the underground tram.

I thought I could not despise Donald Trump more than I did when I began writing this latest blog post almost two weeks ago. I was wrong.

He is the lowest of the low. A psychopath without an ounce of empathy. Without a crumb of understanding of what America is, and what we stand for.

No one who calls themselves an American can disagree with the above statement.

I am horrified by the sheer numbers of trump cult members, blinded by the adoration of their Führer. These are our neighbors, friends, family. A nightmare to which we must put an end after he is booted out of the White House on January 20th by convicting him and preventing this monster from ever again holding public office.

I penned this poem the day after the Capitol insurrection:










On January 20, down the drain he will ooze, into the sewer pipe of ignominy. Here are my reactions to Trump and his final weeks of sedition:On January 20, down the drain he will ooze, into the sewer pipe of ignominy. Here are my reactions to Trump and his final weeks of sedition:

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