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Linda Spar

For decades of my life, I've wanted to write about what I call my truth: How I've prospered and succeeded despite abuse against me by parents and birth family, and their attempts to shame and silence me. Despite personal challenges. Despite turning middle - aged and at times feeling irrelevant.


Years progressed, and my thoughts and opinions continued to survive and spin in my mind, gaining traction and credence.  When would I decide that it was finally time to share them in depth?  I've Facebooked and tweeted for so many years. My posts and likes and dislikes have never quite satisfied me. Political posts in particular. Yes, I feel utter contempt for the narcissistic orange cretin (the former guy in the WH) but I've been shouting in an echo-chamber for too long. It's become frustrating and fraught.

Several things have now motivated me to take the next step, and venture into blogging in a serious way. The  surreal COVID 19 pandemic and examining how it affected me as well as the rest of the world (even though I have never had COVID as of the Fall of 2023, because of getting every vaccination and booster, and religiously masking indoors when cases rise).  The 2016 election (of course). Other brave women (me too). Reading vapid and poorly written stories on various sites by "authors" who churn out paragraphs as a side hustle (I can do it better). And to finally be a writer like what that shy, sad little girl growing up in New Jersey dreamed about (I don't want to run out of life before I've said what I want to). 

And I could never decide what my blog should focus on. My love for dogs? Fact-checking the radical right? Sexual, physical and emotional abuse and survival?  Every time I pondered its focus, I lost mine. I needed to write - now. Let no category stymie me. I'm jumping into several, feet first.

The word "veracity" is defined as conformity and devotion to the truth.  In my life, I've always liked that word, and have lived by it. I'm honest and proud of honesty.  Truth is truth, as facts are facts.

In life, however, truth is factual yet personal. A bifurcated reality. So - I've named this blog SPARACITY - my name combined with truth. My truth.

I look forward to sharing my writing with you.

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